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How to increase a basic stat in rappelz

rappelz money which in rappelz is very popular for many players. As you earn job points you must decide whether to spend those job points to increase your job level or to acquire active or passive skills. The incentive to acquire new skills is rather obvious but the incentive to increase your job level is bit more subtle.

At each new job level your character may see an increase in any of the 7 basic stats. The pattern of increments is different for each job in the game. Study the races and jobs links in the nave bar at left and especially note the table of job level bonus stats for each job. Familiarizing yourself with the job level bonus stats may be helpful when you are deciding how best to spend your disposable job points.

Sufficient to say that: your stats trend upwards as your job level increases and just prior to each job transfer you must decide whether or not you choose to over breed your character for an optional set of bonuses and then upon each job transfer you automatically receive a multi point increase in most, if not all, basic stats.

The other way to add stats to your character is to equip a belt pet: every pet in game have at level 40 and 90, the ability to increase the character stats once it is equipped on belt. The increased stat will apply as the pet stays on your belt, and disappears if it is taken off. A belted pet can not be summoned and does not get exp from killing monsters.

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