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Creature guide in Rappelz

If you want to parade your superior gears and conquer the others you will need rappelz gold. Rappelz is an amazing Fantasy MMORPG that lets you take on the persona of one of three distinct races, customize your skills, tame and train creatures, and engage in dynamic pvp with an unparalleled level of strategy.

After you acquired a certain degree of skills, it is time to go out in the field and start taming the creature you wish to raise.

However, even if you have acquired the Creature Taming skill, without an empty creature card you cannot tame any creatures.

There are 4 different types of creatures: Basic, Common, Uncommon and Extra .

Once you have the right card of the creature you wish to tame, find the monster type you can tame for the creature (that is target any of the Roosters if you wish to tame a Poultry), and use Creature Taming skill on the monster. The monster has to be in full health, or it will not work .

The taming skill will take a while to cast, and it is also possible to be attacked while you're casting the skill depending on whether the monster is aggressive or passive.

After your taming skill has been cast, the monster will start attacking you. Do not panic, as it is natural. You must kill it off , then and only then you will know if you have succeeded. If you are successful, the creature will now be sealed in your card. If not, your card will be destroyed and you will have to get a new card before you can try to tame another (cry with me). You do not necessarily have to solo when you try to kill of tamed monster. If you are in danger, you can always get help.

Thank you for your reading and enjoy yourself.

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