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Introduction of Dungeon Fighter Online

Dungeon Fighter Online Gold is a necessary tool for the game.Dungeon Fighter Online inherited the characteristics of action games,realized strokes from the heart. Straightforward fighting such as batter,hard straight,floating air,flash,kill,awakening skills that other have,coupled with players sophisticated operations,sensitive reflection,current games do not h right understand to mix of skills with dazzling special skilleffects, let you experience a sense of refreshing blow, and fullest enjoyment of action life. Farming for it is not easy, but you can buy cheap Dungeon Fighter Online Gold. Then your desired Dungeon Fighter Gold will be in your package in this game.

Keyboard operation is commonly used in combat, when set the role of skills and equipment, and other operations need using the mouse. Players can define your favorite keys by custom keyboard shortcuts. In the battle by entering commands similar to the fighting game to use the skills, The game also provides six quick release bar for players to rapid release cumbersome directive or too complicated skills (These six shortcut keys are a, s, d, f, g, h).

The same as the other online games dungeon fighter online also have changes in equipment and level,currently this game has 270 balace props.Each character has 10 props and equipment locations.In the game allows up to four players team up to challenge points, it can also be in the Warrior Arena for 3-on-3 pk.

Thank you for your reading,wish you much happiness in DFO.

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