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aion gold is a nessary part for the game.There is nothing to say about junior,just be careful you will win except green on yellow 5. Be careful refers to not to be arrogant to flat cut.when you win you will gain some aion kinah.

I just have one sentence on the flat level,the one who starts work first,win!Not to mention about defeat Modao,as long as modao not innocently open the first increase,up is a big volcano,followed

by a small iceberg, you have no chance to drink blood,you just know that you are be killed by Mo Dao,but donot know who is it.This time you will need to buy aion kina to support yourself.

I want to tell the sword stars when the flight time is enough, try your best to flying to fight rather than on the ground.There may be many sword stars place great importance on the air bondage, believe that even just interrupt the enemy skills are also one of the few control account. But if your enemy is killed, at the same level you do not need air binding, just balanced armor you can withstand a hit.Try your best to save, the more aion online kinah you can save,the better,even they are just some cheap aion kina, remember many a little makes a mickle.

Beat master is flying to fight,if you do not spike his grasp, then either you are chasing him to play, and slowly killed, or let him chase you, not far from the other,if it is not escape, two people should be in a small map and find an opportunity to suddenly go back,then killed him.Donot use grasping feet, that is to give blood about 100 people who are used, because even if the resistance, and this action will have to spend time.

Thank you for your reading!

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